Performance-Driven Marketing Automation

Stop Micromanaging Leads, Start Scaling Growth: Guaranteed Qualified Leads with KONAMIYA (Pay Only For Booked Calls)

Ditch the endless lead chasing and focus on closing deals.

At KONAMIYA, we believe in taking the risk out of your marketing.

That’s why we offer a performance-based model.

You only pay for qualified leads booked directly on your calendar.

No more wasted spend, no more unqualified contacts. Just a steady stream of prospects ready to buy.

Our Advantage

Here’s what sets KONAMIYA apart

Guaranteed Results

We’re so confident in our AI-powered automation that we guarantee a fully booked calendar with qualified leads. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.

Performance-Based Pricing

Forget big upfront marketing costs. You only pay for the results you see: qualified leads booked for calls. This aligns our success with yours.

Seamless Lead Generation & Nurturing

We handle everything from acquiring high-potential prospects to nurturing them into sales-ready leads.

Scalable Solutions

Our strategies grow with your business. We adapt campaigns to ensure you always have the right level of qualified leads coming in.

Perfmonace-Driven Campaigns

  • Guaranteed Qualified Leads: We deliver high-quality prospects ready to convert, not just another list of names. Your calendar gets filled with qualified calls, not unqualified inquiries.

  • Performance-Based Model: Forget sunk costs. You only pay for booked calls, ensuring a direct return on investment (ROI).

  • Focus on Closing Deals: Free yourself from lead chasing and focus on nurturing qualified leads and closing deals.

  • Dedicated Growth Partner: We’re your invested partner, committed to delivering explosive growth for your business.

More of our services

Automated Lead Generation​

Leverage AI and data analysis to identify and target the most promising leads for your niche.

Seamless Lead Nurturing

Automate personalized email sequences, chatbots, and social media interactions to keep prospects engaged.

AI-Powered Personalization

Utilize cutting-edge AI to tailor your marketing messages and offers to each individual prospect, maximizing relevance and impact.

Ready to scale your business?

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